How Our Flannels Are Made

All Truckee Flannel Co. products are designed locally by the owners including the fit, cut and the printed activewear flannel patterns. We are continuously evaluating our designs, taking customer feedback and updating our layouts to create our signature fit.

So what is our signature fit? All of our flannels are made with movement in mind and have roomier shoulders, long arms, and a longer length than you would typically find in other similar-style shirts. This fit was created from our own experience and need for a shirt that allows movement as we hike, bike and more. 

Working directly with a verified supplier our flannels are hand cut and handsewn overseas. To become a verified supplier the manufacturer must go through a third-party inspection process which includes a review of production, facilities, employee numbers, office environment, and management. Since all of our products are handmade there are slight variations in the garment’s sizing called tolerance. This tolerance can result in some differences in fit even with flannels of the same style and size. 

Our fabrics are handpicked by the owners, who work directly with the supplier to find the best threads for the desired style. Truckee Flannel Co. product line offers a variety of traditional and non-traditional flannel fabrics including 100% cotton, cotton blends, printed four-way stretch recycled polyesters and more.